Health Tip: Using an ATV

— All terrain vehicles (ATVs) may be a great form of recreation, but they should be used with care to prevent serious injury.

Children who are too young for a driver’s license shouldn’t be allowed to ride ATVs, the American Academy of Pediatrics says.

Children are involved in about a third of all ATV-related deaths and serious injuries, the academy adds.

Here are the academy’s suggestions for safer ATV use:

  • Don’t ride double. Most ATVs are designed to carry one person. Passengers can make ATVs unstable and difficult to control.
  • All ATV riders should take a hands-on safety training course.
  • Riders should wear a helmet, eye protection, sturdy shoes and reflective clothes.
  • ATV tires are not designed to grip pavement. Street use and night riding are strongly discouraged.
  • Flags, reflectors and lights should be used to make vehicles more visible.
  • Don’t use an ATV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Posted: September 2018

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