Great fatigue after eating may indicate a disease

Strong Tired after eating may indicate a blood sugar derailment

Who does not know this: After eating a leaden weariness assails us. We just want to lie still and rest, especially if the food intake was too much. Fatigue after eating is also popularly „Schnitzelkoma“ called. Often the reasons are perfectly normal, harmless and explainable. Sometimes, however, severe Suffering can be behind it. In particular, diabetics need to be noisy, if you are after a meal especially tired and unfocused.

Fatigue after eating is usually harmless and explainable

Our digestion costs the body energy. More blood in the digestive organs, the stomach and intestine for the body, valuable parts of the food, the stomach muscles and the intestinal wall continue to transport the stomach to a pulp. We have no unlimited amount of blood in the body, and the blood flows to the digestive organs, in other Parts of the body – including the brain. This now gets less oxygen and we become tired. Everything is so quite harmless. But sometimes you can hide behind a fatigue after eating is also a serious reason.

Caution, it could be type 2 Diabetes

Anyone who suffers from Diabetes, should be particularly noisy. It could be that the blood fast sugar levels after meals excessive in height. The long-term consequences for health. The least patients with type 2 Diabetes measure reports your blood-sugar level after the meal, Johanna Sandner, diabetes consultant and Director of nutrition and diabetes team, University hospital of Mainz. For this reason, remain elevated or even very high values hidden for a long time. Because such blood sugar peaks do not fall on the measure during the checks, to the family doctor.

Consequences for the health

High blood sugar is not treated according to the eat, this has long term devastating consequences for the health. According to the Diabetes educator, heart worsen disease, the blood vessels in the eye are damaged and elderly diabetics have problems in perception and memories.

„In order to keep blood sugar levels between doctor’s visits in the view, should people with type 2 Diabetes on a regular basis your blood sugar levels after eating messen“, recommends Sandner. The doctor decides whether or not the therapy is adjusted accordingly.

Often, for example, so-called meal insulins that mimic natural insulin release after a meal is recommended. They ensure that the sugar gets in the blood faster into the tissue cells.

Two hours after eating blood sugar measure

So who will quickly after eating tired, too tired and unfocused feel, should measure two hours after eating, the blood sugar levels and possible abnormalities with the attending physician to discuss, which adapts the treatment accordingly.

It is also possible that Affected to know nothing of their Diabetes. Also here is a Review of the doctor is required to be able to a metabolic disorder exclude. (sb)