Go Beyond Clean with the Latest Products From Nutrogena

On any given day, your skin sees a lot of action. Exposed to airborne dirt and pollutants, it can collect more than its fair share of impurities. Add what’s going on beneath the surface with skin’s natural skin cell turnover, oil and sweat and it’s not hard to imagine how your skin can become congested and look dull.

That’s why effective cleansing is the foundation of healthy-looking skin and vital to keeping it fresh and glowing.

Yet it’s a delicate balancing act, with many cleansers containing ingredients that can disrupt the skin’s barrier and cause stripping, tightness and uncomfortable dryness.

Thanks to innovative skincare research (and backed by 60 years of experience), there’s a range that solves that problem. NEUTROGENA® has launched its new Deep Clean Purifying range, designed to deliver purification-level cleansing without the drawbacks.

In creating the range, NEUTROGENA® scientists studied the interaction between cleansing ingredients and the skin barrier. Mary Sikallos, Research and Development at NEUTROGENA® describes the process. “There are tens of thousands of pores on the face,” she says. “The ultimate goal is to keep them clean without drying them out or harming the skin’s surface. NEUTROGENA® Deep Clean Purifying products are formulated with BARRIERCARE™ technology or Triple Micellar Technology™ to meet high standards in cleansing efficacy and mildness.”

The range offers a good choice of textures and formats including micellar infused wipes for quick, effective cleansing when you’re on the go, a 2-in-1 clay cleanser that you can use every day and also doubles as a mask and an ultra-gentle gel scrub that won’t upset skin. 

NEUTROGENA® Deep Clean Purifying Clay Cleanser + Mask

This 2-in-1 clay cleanser can be used as your daily cleanser, or when a deeper purification is needed by allowing to dry for five minutes after applying, as a mask. It includes BARRIERCARE™ technology, which has polymeric surfactants which make larger micelles that still attract the dirt, oil and makeup but don’t penetrate the skin’s barrier. RRP $11.99. 

NEUTROGENA® Deep Clean Purifying Cooling Gel Scrub

The refreshing Cooling Gel Scrub formula, also with BARRIERCARE™ technology, features tiny natural environmentally-friendly beads that gently polish the outer surface of the skin, without harming the barrier. RRP $11.99.

NEUTROGENA® Deep Clean Purifying Micellar Water and Micellar Wipes

These little gems are your gym-bag or overnight essential. Deep Clean Purifying Micellar Water and Wipes with Triple Micellar Technology™ effectively remove make-up and purify the skin. Triple Micellar Technology™ combines three types of gentle cleansers to remove makeup, oil and dirt and leave the skin glowing and purified.

Micellar Water, RRP $14.99. Micellar Wipes, RRP $7.99.

Now available nationwide at grocery and pharmacy stores.

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