Food: this is Why frequent consumption of rice can be dangerous

Protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber, rice is a true nutritional miracle. Nevertheless, the food is not too often on the dining plan, warn experts such as the Federal Institute for risk assessment. The reason is that rice is often contaminated with arsenic.

Arsenic passes through the soil in the rice

Inorganic arsenic, which is commonly found in rice, it passes through the roots of the rice plant in the grains. The Plant takes up the material from the ground or from the groundwater.

Arsenic have classified researchers already for a long time as a carcinogenic substance. In order to minimize the health risk, there are in the EU since 2016 limits for arsenic in foods, which are to be observed.

In the case of foodstuffs for infants and young children (e.g., rice porridge, or rice cakes) are the maximum quantities to be particularly low.

Particularly dangerous for children

For food, the food children often have a low maximum amount is stipulated, is due to the fact that children are particularly affected by the health consequences of elevated arsenic intake.

"To skin a chronic intake of smaller amounts of inorganic arsenic compounds over a long period of time changes, vascular and nerve damage, and cardiovascular disease, promote and toxic for reproduction (teratogenic) wirken", explains the Federal Institute for risk assessment in its opinion.

Risk minimized by the right preparation

Heidrun Schubert, Bavarian health Central recommends that rice-containing dishes generally with rice-free meals alternate.

A complete waiver is not necessary, instead, to buy certain kinds of Rice: “As the Element accumulates predominantly in the outer layers of the grain of rice, contain rice, and Parboiled rice often higher amounts than white rice,” says Schubert.

It also recommends to wash the rice before Cooking, rinse and cook in plenty of water.

What can rice water after cooking use, you will see in the Video

Judith Kerstgens

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