Flu Shots Are Now Only $24 at Walmart With a GoodRx Coupon

GoodRx has partnered with Walmart to offer all quadrivalent flu shots for only $24 with a coupon. That’s a 40% discount off their normal cash price! This discount only applies to quadrivalent flu shots like Fluzone Quadrivalent and Fluarix Quadrivalent, but you can still get deep discounts on other trivalent and high-dose flu shots with a GoodRx coupon.

How do I use a GoodRx coupon for my flu shot?

Here’s what you need to do to use a GoodRx coupon for your flu shot.

What are quadrivalent flu shots?

Unlike trivalent flu shots, which only offer protection against three flu strains, quadrivalent flu shots offer protection against four flu strains—making them the preferred option for flu prevention.

The following are quadrivalent drugs that are now only $24 at Walmart:

  • Flulaval Quadrivalent
  • Afluria Quadrivalent
  • Fluzone Quadrivalent
  • Fluarix Quadrivalent
  • Flucelvax Quadrivalent
  • Flublok Quadrivalent
  • Flumist Quadrivalent

Read more about other available flu shots here, and see their GoodRx discount prices here.

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