Flu Season And It’s Expected Peak, Plus Flu Shot Advice

It’s tough to believe, but flu season is just around the corner, and many physicians and pharmacists think patients should go ahead and get a flu shot as soon as possible.

According to a Bustle report, the flu shot can be effective at any time of the year and lasts about 12 months. So far this year, there are already some instances of the flu even this early in the typical influenza season. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with healthcare professionals advise people to find and get the vaccine now, according to an ABC News 5 Cleveland report.

Pharmacist Edward Saxon noted that people are coming in earlier this year to get their vaccines. Saxon said that he’s, “Seeing a lot of people. Last year’s flu season was pretty difficult. I’m seeing a lot more men. If you come in early in the season, it carries you through the season.” He further explained, “The system is built to try to anticipate the strains we’ll see in this area.” Plus, patients who get the flu can miss a lot of work or other activities. According to Saxon, “You can be out 7 to 10 days. The problem with kids: is they get it and you get it.”

Typically, the season for the illness is from October through May. Those months are the period when the virus most easily spreads among populations. The timeframe also includes holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Channakuh, Kwanza, and New Year’s, which means people come into contact with even more germs and viruses than usual as they go to friends and family celebrations for the holidays.

The most active months in a normal flu season include December, January, February, and March with the peak in February, the calendar’s shortest month. Children under the age of 6 months have an increased risk of complications from the illness, but they’re too young to receive the vaccine, which is why parents are advised to get the shot when they have babies who are very young.

As the weather cools down and fall arrives, the time to consider getting a flu shot comes around too, and experts recommend getting a vaccine by late October if not before. Although some years the shot is less effective than other years, the CDC still believes it’s the best weapon against contracting the possibly deadly illness. Because last year’s virus was extra difficult to handle, many people want to get vaccinated before the circulation of the illness gets heavy in their regions. Keep an eye out for advertisements for a flu shot, and patients who want to receive the shot should discuss it with their doctor or pharmacist.

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