Feeling down? Take this quiz to get a personalised action plan

Feeling down in the dumps? Take this NHS quiz to get a personalised action plan to boost your mental health

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  • Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep can make everyday tasks feel challenging
  • This NHS personalised plan could help you find ways to clear your mind

Feeling stressed, anxious or sleep-deprived can make simple tasks feel tiresome.

But finding ways of clearing your mind makes all the difference. 

The NHS has a test to help find out what might best work for you.

The NHS Mind Plan asks you five simple questions before curating advice and resources that could help you be kind to your mind.

MailOnline app users can take the quiz by clicking here.

The first question is ‘How is your mood?’ and you will have to choose an answer that is closest to how you’ve been feeling over the last two weeks.

You will be given options such as always in a good mood, mostly happy but the odd bad day, more bad days than good or always feel extremely low. 

Next, the quiz will ask how well you have been sleeping over the last two weeks.

The answers range from always sleeping well to being extremely sleep deprived.

The quiz will then ask how anxious or on edge you feel. You will again have to choose an answer closest to how you have felt over the last fortnight.

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The options include not anxious at all, rarely anxious, sometimes anxious, anxious more often than not, anxious most of the time and always extremely anxious. 

For question four the quiz will measure your stress levels.

You can choose from never, rarely or sometimes stressed. If your stress levels are higher than that, the options include stressed most days, stressed all the time and extremely stressed.

Lastly the quiz will ask if you have been worrying about anything in particular and will give you a handful of options of which you can choose as many as apply to you. 

Some of the subjects to choose from centre around health issues or more specifically Covid.

You will be asked about your mood, stress and anxiety levels, how well you are sleep and what, if anything, you are worried about at present

Other options include maintaining relationships, loneliness, traumatic events or life changes and difficult times. 

You can also select money, work and housing or smoking, drinking, drugs and gambling.

Based on your answers you will be given a personalised plan of things to focus on.

These resources can include exercises resources such as the Couch to 5k app, meditation tips, or keeping a mood diary.

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