Fasting: What supplements are allowed?

Table of contents

  • Food supplements during fasting – Yes or no?
  • It depends on the fast method and the type of dietary Supplement
  • 1. It comes with fasting, deficiency symptoms, if you take any vitamins?
    • Should one take while fasting protein powder or amino acids?
    • At the Buchinger fasting, base fasting, or intermittent fasting, dietary supplements are necessary?
    • The healing only of water and mineral soil supplements fasting necessary?
    • Who needs a food Supplement during the fasting?
    • Mineral earths such as zeolite and bentonite can fit in any diet
    • Flax, Chia and psyllium can activate during fasting, the bowel activity
    • Chlorophyll drops to reduce the almost typical body odors

    Food supplements during fasting – Yes or no?

    Fasting is a traditional natural healing method for activating the self-healing forces, to the inner cleansing, and also spiritual awareness. In the case of many diseases, the fasting is already proving to be an extremely helpful and healing, such as Diabetes, cancer and high cholesterol or for the prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

    There are many different ways of fasting, for example, the Buchinger fasting with juices and soups, the fasting alone with the water and the mineral earth, or the fasting according to Hildegard of Bingen.

    Regardless of what are the almost method you plan finally, you often ask yourself whether you would be allowed to take during the fasting, is also a dietary Supplement, or even what should, and if Yes,. Usually it is the following four questions almost the end of in connection with food supplements:

    1. A must during the fasting, a dietary Supplement, take up, because otherwise – due to the not eating – a lack of suffering would be? You have to take in the almost time with vitamins, minerals or proteins or amino acids? Even if otherwise, i.e., within the normal fasting-no food Supplement and also proven to not be needed, because it is good?

    2. There are dietary supplements should I take during fasting because it could increase the almost effect? For example, Curcumin, Astaxanthin, OPC, green tea extract, Moringa, barley grass powder, Acerola, bitter substances, algae preparations, nettle powder, dandelion extracts, etc., etc.? You might not support the desired healing and detoxification effect of fasting even? Or would you be more counterproductive?

    3. Can you take during the fast, the usual dietary Supplement? So those supplements that is needed for the basic supply of certain vital substances without which the human being, sooner or later, a corresponding deficiency would develop, for example, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D or Magnesium?

    4. You can before the fast started as a cure taking certain dietary supplements during the fasting continue , or should you in this time, then pause?

    If you, for example, before the fasting…

    • with a colon cleanse, zeolite, psyllium seed shell powder and a probiotic)had begun (
    • or with a deacidification (base concentrates, base citrates, alkaline tea, etc.)
    • or having rid of toxins (e.g. Alpha-lipoic acid),

    …to the treatment during the fasting better?

    It depends on the fast method and the type of dietary Supplement

    Should one take while fasting so food supplements? Or better not? The answer, unfortunately, is not a simple Yes or no. Instead, it is once again on the specific circumstances. It is important

    • what are the almost method to implement it,
    • what a dietary Supplement, it and
    • what are the needs.

    Let’s go through the best the above questions point-by-point.

    1. It comes with fasting, deficiency symptoms, if you take any vitamins?

    Basically, it is so that the time of lent should really be used to take as little as possible to gain distance from all the things that fall daily on us. Also the clearance of all the things to stuff in everyday life often in all the hustle and bustle in the mouth, what also vitamin pills or other food supplements not to take rare, to soothe the bad Conscience of whether the suboptimal food.

    Normally, the intake of dietary supplements during the fasting is not required. No acute nutrient deficiencies, from any organism – if not a heavy wearisome diseases or other diseases that forbid the fasting one to two weeks without food.

    Should one take while fasting protein powder or amino acids?

    Many of the almost the end of fear reduction during the almost time-a muscle and attack as a preventive measure to protein powders and/or amino acids. This is usually not necessary or even counterproductive, because of the nearly-related protein healing point of view is removal from nature in many chronic inflammatory diseases as useful and beneficial as these have often been developed in the first place as a result of today’s standard protein to oversupply.

    In a study of Charité hospital in Berlin from 2009 showed that a 28-day Buchinger fasting resulted in the obese participants, although a significant protein loss of up to one kilogram, it came but at the same time to a higher muscle force and a significant improvement in physical performance. Of course, this was only possible because of a daily intense exercise program a bike ride between 25 and 60 km (with 15 km/h) and a 30-minute strength training on the Plan, namely, six days a week.

    Should it come during the fast, a muscle breakdown – at the same time physical activity is low – so the lost muscle mass in the connection can be set up quickly.

    The one who fasts also with water alone, would by the intake of amino acids (especially BCAA) and/or protein, the insulin powders enable distribution and in this way, the fast metabolism leave, which can then, of course, negate the almost effect.

    At the Buchinger fasting, base fasting, or intermittent fasting, dietary supplements are necessary?

    Who’s fasting with vegetable broth and juices (Buchinger fasting), you need to make a certain amount of basic supplies (potassium, sodium, some vitamins), no Worries. Still less, of course, up to the base fast, or the interval fasting – as in the case of two almost forms, it regularly takes food and thus nutrients and vital substances.

    Required, only the required supplements, so those who need to, depending on the requirement and the diet should be supplemented, for example, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, zinc, etc are in the interval fasting is practiced permanently.

    The healing only of water and mineral soil supplements fasting necessary?

    The question of a possible food Supplement rather fasting for healing water and healing earth/mineral soil, since there is no nutrients and vital substances arrive in the body. But it is precisely this fast form helps the body to move quickly in the fast mode and to devote themselves completely in the detoxification and internal cleansing.

    In doing so, he builds old, sick and non-functional cells and uses them for energy production as well as for nutrients and the supply of Vital substances. Also, fat is mobilized from the cells and the stored fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K).

    The nutrients and vital substances needed drops moreover, during fasting, no food needs to be digested and utilized and the organism in the absence of food shall take the necessary austerity measures.

    The plan is a therapeutic fasting cure, then it makes more sense to devote in the weeks and months PRIOR to lent (and thereafter) to the comprehensive supply of Vital substances, so that the organism can draw during fasting on the well-filled memory. You think here, including a good supply of Magnesium, iron, zinc and selenium, as these minerals are essential for a good detoxification ability of the body responsible.

    In the period of therapeutic fasting, take but in General no supplements. However, there are exceptions, of course:

    Who needs a food Supplement during the fasting?

    Who is dependent due to health reasons the daily intake of certain vital substances, for example, KPU-Affected is, of course, takes its required supplements during the fasting.

    Who has short experience before a planned diet from a deficiency, e.g. Vitamin B12 deficiency the Vitamin plays (possibly together with a B complex) during fasting.

    Also people with chronic and/or serious diseases need while fasting is often a support in the Form of individually tailored dietary supplements. Since this group of people are fasting, but only in accompaniment of an almost doctor who the almost end of this a list of the required preparations.

    2. What food supplements to promote the healing effect seeds?

    Many natural food supplements like turmeric, Moringa, barley grass powder, Acerola, bitter substances, seaweed powder, nettle powder, dandelion powder, etc. are known for their purifying and detoxifying effect.

    Who leads, but the real fasting with water and healing earth/mineral soil, does not take these dietary supplements that are basically food. They would interfere with the healing almost effect.

    At the Buchinger fasting, however, or all of the fast methods, in the case where food is supplied – and it was only available in juice or soup form – and can be mixed with the above powder easily in the juices, and soups. But really necessary, they are not, because – as already explained – the fasting is more of a minimalist affair, it takes as little as possible.

    Mineral earths such as zeolite and bentonite can fit in any diet

    Here, too, there are exceptions: mineral earths such as zeolite and bentonite can be integrated into any diet. To the Original therapeutic fasting, you are already automatically, since they bind to dissolved toxins in the intestine and their re-absorption into the bloodstream, and the intestinal activity, something to promote.

    Flax, Chia and psyllium can activate during fasting, the bowel activity

    Bowel action during fasting should come to a halt, agents are used to help the bowel activity on the jumps. The chair should also be able to during fasting regularly are excreted.

    These include “resources” such as flax seed, Chia seed, or psyllium seed shell powders, which are always taken with plenty of water in the intestine to swell and stimulate peristalsis. Flax seeds and Chia seeds are ground, not because you want to benefit from its digestive effect, but not in the enjoyment of their high energy content.

    Chlorophyll drops to reduce the almost typical body odors

    Also chlorophyll drops are a good support during the detoxification. The green plant substance that helps fungi in the elimination of heavy metals and molds and prevents, moreover, the smells, the during the fast, often occurring in body. At the same time chlorophyll drops do not affect the blood sugar or insulin levels, tearing the organism, therefore, is not the fast mode.

    Nevertheless, any diet can be designed completely individually – and who wants to Supplement his treatment with Curcuma, or Acerola, or whatever, can do that of course. Studies that have examined the effect of fasting with and without these supplements, however, are not, so that is not possible to assess which approach is actually better.

    3. Can be maintained in the usual dietary supplements while fasting?

    On this question, we are already under 1. (in the section “Who is a food needed to Supplement during the fasting”). So if you need some food supplements necessarily, you continue to be so even during the fasting. Food supplements, however, can easily dispense one to two weeks, one way.

    4. You can perform during fasting for a colon cleanse or a cure?

    A colon cleansing is usually performed with increasing intensity. This means that you start with a small dosage of the colon cleansing products and increase this from week to week, while at the same time reduce the food intake accordingly. Usually a colon cleanse lasts for four weeks. In the third week if you reached the highest dose and can fast this week. In the fourth week you reduce the colon cleansing supplements again and starts with the food intake.

    A colon cleansing can be combined therefore, if your health condition is in a stable – very well with fasting.

    Deacidification is ideally combined with the base fasting, at least in the first two weeks. Then you can switch to a slight base excess food. A pure therapeutic fasting, water and mineral soil is not good with a deacidification can be combined, as the deacidification preparations (for example, base citrate) on an empty stomach always compatible.

    Similarly, a detox. Here it must be decided individually, what is and what is detoxified and whether the respective products with the desired fasting combine.

    What should you look for when you take supplements while fasting?

    If you have opted for one or more food supplements, you want to take during your fasting, pay attention to at least four things:

    • Could influence the dietary supplements the blood sugar or insulin levels and so the almost effect may interfere? (Mostly in the case of sugar – and protein-containing food supplements, the case, wobei with “sugar”, of course, the fruit of sugar is meant, which would include, for example, in the baobab powder).
    • The particular dietary supplements are tolerated when taken on an empty stomach (what, when fasting is well known, the case would be)? A number of supplements can cause Nausea, stomach ache, and diarrhea if taken on an empty stomach and are, therefore, almost the accompaniment of not so ideal.
    • The particular supplements may be fat-soluble? This would mean that the body would not benefit during fasting, no fat, is particularly good from such a dietary Supplement. To soluble the fat the dietary supplements Curcumin, or the natural galactolipids from rosehip powder. Fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K), in contrast, are often offered in fat-containing capsules, or drops, so that here the necessary amount of fat is included.
    • Are you taking any medicines? Then you would have to discuss with your doctor whether this be in harmony with the desired dietary supplements, whether temporal intervals must be adhered to, or whether to omit the dietary Supplement better.

    So you see, it is rather an individual matter as to whether you should take supplements while fasting and if so, what, so that it is not possible to give General recommendations. Look at your personal Situation and then decide – possibly with the support of your practitioner, almost a doctor, or almost guide – what is the dietary Supplement for you would be necessary and ideal.

    Information at the right fasting you find in our fast instructions, as well as in our article, the excellent effects of therapeutic fasting.

    We wish you much joy and success with fasting!

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