Eyebrow Shaping With Expert Amy Jean

There’s nothing like a set of immaculately shaped eyebrows to completely transform your look.

We consulted brow expert Amy Jean Linnehan, from Amy Jean Eye Couture who’s responsible for some of the best brows in show business. Here she shares her secrets to creating the best eyebrows for your face shape.

How do you know the right brow shape for your face?

As a general rule of thumb, a longer, skinnier face should opt for a flatter or elongated brow so that the length of the face is not accentuated any further. A rounder, fuller face should opt for an arch to aid in lengthening or thinning the face to create length.

What brow trend is in demand right now?

Avoid trends! While it’s nice to appreciate beautiful celebrity brows, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work your face shape.

What are the options you recommend when it comes to filling your brows? There are powders, pencils, feather touch tattoos…

Over-plucking is public enemy number one. If you pluck your arches to oblivion you compromise the capacity for them to grow back. A feather-touch brow tattooing technique has resuscitated many an abolished arch, weaving brush-strokes with existing hairs for a natural-looking sculpted brow.

When it comes to filling we use our Amy Jean Brow Velvet Powder which has pigment-rich velvety texture.

You look like you’ve shaped up a fair few amazing looking celebrity brows in your time! Who have you worked with?

Dannii Minogue, Mel B, Kate Waterhouse, Courtney Love, Jesinta Campbell to name a few.

Who has the most iconic brows in the business?

Historically Brooke Shields, in terms of “statement brows”. Our all time favourite brow belongs to Camilla Belle though.

What are your best tips and products for a home maintenance routine?

Invest in an initial appointment with a brow artist to guide you in what shape suits you. Maintenance of your brows is vital to keep the symmetry and upkeep of any colour adjustments, such as tinting or lightening.

If we don’t maintain the shape, the fluffy hairs build up around the brow line and they lose their crisp “precision”. Do not try and tweeze your brows if the shape has grown out – that’s what a brow professional is for, to give you a template!

A big must-have is a pair of quality tweezers (we prefer to use the Amy Jean Couture Collection tweezers). Always sit in front of a mirror with natural sunlight when tweezing, and keep a brush comb handy to tame those unruly brows after a gym work out!

What’s the ONE golden rule when it comes to brow sculpting and care?

Do not ever cut or trim your brow hairs. Initially it will look great, but once the hairs start to grow back it can cause hairs to coil around themselves as well as appearing “cut”. The regrowth will be a nightmare too, as it promotes a faster, more aggressive regrowth.

What should women keep in mind if they’ve a sensitive eyebrow or eye region?

The old tweeze after a hot shower works well. The pores are open and the hairs should feel less painful when removed. In super sensitive cases, a topical anesthetic cream can be applied for 20-30 minutes prior to hair removal.

Amy Jean (R) styles the shapely eyebrows of famous clients like Kate Waterhouse (L)

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