Everything you need to know before starting dry January

Everything you need to know before starting dry January: As millions prepare to go cold turkey on alcohol for a month, MANSUR SHAHEEN’s video guide explains all the pros and potential cons… including that it can lead to ‘wet February’

Millions of people worldwide will be waking up with a stinking hangover today and a New Year’s resolution to cut down their alcohol intake.

Estimates suggest more than one in seven Americans and Britons will take part in Dry January this year – which has been linked to better sleep, mood and athletic performance.

But while experts agree that giving the body a break from booze has many health benefits, doctors warn it can do more harm than good for lots of people.

For example, those who take part may binge the following month – which has been dubbed ‘Wet February’ – or use it as an excuse to drink heavily for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, alcoholics, who are physically dependent on the drug, are urged not stop drinking without expert help as they could suffer seizures.

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