Endangered Bird Sounds Hit Australia’s Top 10 Albums

Rivaling the biggest pop stars in Australia’s music charts is a collection of nature sounds under threat.

What to know:

  • An album of endangered bird calls reached No. 3 in Australia’s top 50 albums chart last month.

  • Called Songs of Disappearance, it consists of sounds from 53 of the country’s endangered bird species, including the golden bowerbird, the Christmas Island frigatebird, and the Christmas Island imperial pigeon.

  • The album briefly beat Taylor Swift in the charts when it reached the No. 3 position, behind Adele and Ed Sheeran.

  • It was produced by musician and PhD candidate at Charles Darwin University Anthony Albrecht with his arts organization the Bowerbird Collective, and all of the proceeds from album sales benefit Birdlife Australia.

  • A report finding that 1 in 6 Australian birds species are now threatened was also released with the album. The creators are hopeful that increasing awareness will make a difference in protecting the birds.

This is a summary of the article, “An Album Made Entirely of Endangered Bird Sounds Beat Taylor Swift on a Top 50 Chart,” published by NPR on January 9. The full article can be found on npr.com.

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