Dog owners more active than others, study finds

Dog owners, maybe you already know this, but your furry friend might be making you more active.

A study in the U.K. found that dog owners spend about 300 minutes walking with their dogs per week, about 200 minutes more than those without dogs.

Hundreds of households in a Liverpool community participated, meaning each dog owner lived in a similar environment.

The study, which was published in Scientific Reports in April, also found that dog owners reported more time exercising without their dogs, suggesting that dog walking hadn’t become the sole source of exercise.

The researchers also compared some of their findings with previously researched dog owner habits in the U.S. and Australia. For example, 43% of U.S. dog owners reported not walking their dogs due to the dog self-exercising or living outside.

It’s hard to tell whether active people are more likely to own dogs or if dogs really do increase exercise in their owners, but dog owners were four times more likely to meet the recommended amount of physical activity of at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

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