Do you know about Andropause aka male menopause?

The symptoms of male menopause usually differ from man to man because the decline in testosterone and other hormone levels depends on numerous factors.

While there is a constant conversation around the effects of menopause and the possible symptoms, we often don’t talk about the fact that men too go through a similar phase. Just like women, men too face a decrease in the level of hormone in the body between the age of 45 and 65 years.

Dr Rashmi Rai, Medical Head of Age Éhance Clinic says,  It isn’t as clearly defined as a period of menopause in women, but men naturally experience a decline in hormone levels and more particularly testosterone as they age. This phase is medically termed as “ Andropause” and also commonly known as male menopause.”

What are the symptoms of male menopause?

Dr Rashmi says, “Andropause can create a range of symptoms that affect a man’s physical, sexual, and psychological functioning also body’s immune response.’

Visible symptoms include fatigue and burnout along with low physical strength. Emotionally, men tend to suffer from anxiety along with depression and mood swings.  Dr Rashmi also stresses how these symptoms can be a result of “existing conditions such as diabetes, high stress, poor digestive system, gut dysfunction, inflammation, alcoholism, and even smoking.” 

However, these symptoms usually differ from man to man because the decline in testosterone and other hormone levels depends on numerous factors. But, men commonly experience erectile dysfunction or lack of sexual desire along with a decrease in bone density levels.

“It becomes important to pay close attention to changes in behaviour and physical symptoms before one can even conclude they are going through andropause. In many cases, a doctor will need to rule out underlying medical issues addressing the root cause that could be contributing to the condition while diagnosing if a man is experiencing andropause or male menopause,” she adds. 

How to treat male menopause?

Dr Rashmi shares how ” BHRT i.e. Body Identical hormone replacement therapy is recognised worldwide to treat andropause.”

BHRT is an approach with the concept of one size fits all approach which includes personal formulations which are tailored as per individuals’ specific needs shares the doctor. “Body identical Testosterone replacement is recommended when a man’s body has lost the ability to produce enough of this hormone on its own,” says Dr Rashmi.

In fact, herbs like Indian ginseng or Ashwagandha can also be used to treat andropause along with optimal nutrition, diet and correction of hormone imbalances. Dr Rashmi suggests, ” A diet containing good quality proteins here is the key. Eating good and healthy fats like Omega -3‘s helps build a better foundation for hormone production. Omega –3’s helps regulates the hormone receptors to a large extent.”

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