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What are the best fruits? The Top-5 of a expert

Fruit is generally considered to be healthy, but can score some varieties of fruit with many health benefits. The five healthiest fruits has worn the nutritionist Jennifer Hyland, in a recent article, the Cleveland Clinic together.

“We all need to eat every day two fruit servings. Why not select a fruit with the greatest nutritional value“, says the expert. She calls her five favourite varieties of fruit. On which varieties of fruit you better should be without, has Hyland explains in a separate post.

The daily fruit needs should best be covered with fruits, which are full of substances with nutrients and fiber. You should be sweet enough for a treat, and still no sugar rush trigger, as it can occur in the case of some fruit, so Hyland. The following are, according to their view, the five healthiest fruits for daily consumption.

Blueberries – particularly rich in antioxidants

Blueberries “are sweet, juicy, tasty and full of substances fiber and phytonutrients,” stresses Hyland. In addition, they are “particularly rich in antioxidants that protect your cells from free radical damage,” says the nutrition expert. Therefore, blueberries are high on the list of foods to fight cancer the American Institute for Cancer Research at the very top.

Some research results suggest, according to Hyland also suggests that blueberries may help to reduce age-related memory loss. In addition, they are particularly versatile. You can sprinkle on everything – Yogurt, Oatmeal, Salads – or just a hand full of snacking, so Hyland.

Blue berries, you can also buy in-season, then wash, dry, and in plastic bags with a Zipper in the freezer to store and enjoy throughout the year, explained the expert. “Add berries in the morning, frozen blue, and added cinnamon to the simple Greek yogurt and place the container in the fridge,” says Hylands tip. By midday the blue to be the berries thawed and the yogurt is ready to enjoy.

Pomegranate is Good for blood pressure and cholesterol levels

“Pomegranate seeds may be tiny, but don’t let its size fool you,” emphasizes Hyland. In the pulp with the small seeds are some of the most potent plant nutrients (polyphenols), which act against oxidative Stress and inflammation, explains the expert.

Also, the research linking the antioxidant Compounds in pomegranate (ellagic acid and anthocyanins) with blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering effects. However, half a Cup of pomegranate seeds contains 3.5 grams of fiber, but also 72 calories and 12 grams of sugar.

For consumption it is practical to buy a whole pomegranate is to halve it and remove the cores, These can they are then stored in a glass container in the fridge to add to during the week, Smoothies, salads and trail mix, recommends Hyland.

Raspberries – strong nutritional or physiological effect

According to the nutritionist raspberries have a “really strong nutritional or physiological effect.” You have a “high content of dietary fiber, Vitamin C and antioxidants and are also low in sugars”, as Hyland more. Also raspberries are rich in those polyphenols are reduce oxidative damage. A Cup of fresh raspberries have 65 calories, 8 grams of fiber and 5.4 grams of natural sugar.

“It’s hard to find another fruit with more fiber,” emphasizes the expert. This will help in digestion, blood sugar control and weight loss, she adds. In addition, raspberries provide a good natural Sweetness, which can be used, other added reducing sugars, or to avoid, as Hyland.

Good raspberries are suitable for pure eating as a Dessert or, for example, to sweeten Smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal or salads. Cold water with raspberries is also a tasteful refreshing drink on hot days – with a hint of natural Sweetness.

Oranges – rich in Vitamin C

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and potassium. “In addition, they contain flavonoids, plant nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties,” explains Hyland. Since oranges are not too sweet, arise after the consumption also does not have an excessive Craving for other sugary foods. Oranges form according to the nutrition expert is the perfect fruit to eat before a long training run or other sports or physically strenuous activities.

It is Hyland found to be significantly better to eat an Orange than to drink just their juice. Because this contains three grams of fiber (along with 69 calories and 12 grams of natural sugar), which is lost in the juice mostly.

Apples – perfect for on-the-go

“Apples are Packed with antioxidant plant nutrients and vitamins A and C, and due to their high content of soluble fiber evidence in the case of substances for reduction of cholesterol,” explains the nutritionist. In addition, you are storing a particularly simple and packaging, so that you can enjoy well on the way.

However, one should note that a very large Apple can contain 200 calories or more and to grab more medium-sized Apple varieties. In these in addition, four grams of fiber and 19 grams of natural sugar were included with the Cup is only 95 calories.

Fruits with protein sources combine

Another tip from the expert yet: Combine fruits that have a high natural sugar content, natural sources of protein, such as, for example, a couple of nuts. This prevents your blood shoots sugar to very in height, so Hyland. (fp)

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