Dash, Mediterranean, Flex, ITAR, symbolism: these are the 5 best diets to 2018

A diet will effectively help you lose weight, easy to implement and also healthy. However, in the case of the variety of weight-loss strategies and tips you can easily lose the Overview: Which diet is the best? Experts have taken the 40 most popular Slimming methods under the magnifying glass. These are the 5 winners:

1. The DASH diet

Already to 8. Time in a row, the DASH was elected as a diet to the best of the year. Originally the method was developed for the treatment of high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as Diabetes prevention, hence the Name of “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”, a short DASH. In contrast to other approaches, it does not prohibit food or nutrient groups. Fruit, vegetables, fish, poultry and whole-grain products on the table. Especially salty, sugar or fatty food should be avoided if possible.

2. The Mediterranean Diet

It is based on the healthy Mediterranean cuisine. A lot of salad and vegetables, fresh fish and seafood form the basis, with the addition of cold-pressed olive oil, fresh herbs and garlic. Also Pasta in the Mediterranean diet and on the table – because, contrary to persistent rumors of pasta are not necessarily Fattening. Combined with nutrient-rich supplements to the Kohlenhydratqquelle even can help you lose weight.

3. Flex office

A compromise between vegetarianism and meat consumption: the so-Called Flexitarier feed for the most part vegetarian, but occasionally selected organic meat. With this diet the body is supplied with important nutrients. An iron or Vitamin B12 deficiency, as it occurs in vegetarians or vegans, occasionally, can be prevented.

4. Weight Watchers

The principle is simple: the individually calculated daily amount of calories should not be exceeded. The concept of Weight Watchers assigns each food points, depending on the number of Calories. The Great thing is, You have to on anything at all. Treat yourself to, for example, a chocolate bar, you save up the points easily to the next meal.

5. The MIND diet

It is a combination of the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet. MIND stands for “Mediterranean – DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay”. Nutrient – and-fiber foods such as vegetables, green salads, nuts, rich in berries, fish, poultry and whole-grain products are on the dining plan. Even wine is in the MIND-concept, and allowed. Unhealthy foods like Butter, Fried food, Fast Food or red meat, however, are taboo.

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