Daily Breakfast can be counter-productive in losing weight?

Breakfast or not? That is the question

Breakfast is healthy, but doesn’t help according to a recent overview of the study at the weight control. Australian scientists had studied the effect of regularly having Breakfast on body weight and daily energy intake of adults. To do this, they took 13 intervention studies of the last three decades, mainly from the USA and the UK, to the test.

To the studies subjects were involved, with varying degrees of body mass index (BMI), which were each accompanied by study design 24 hours for up to 16 weeks. The BMI is weight a common measure for the evaluation of the body and is the ratio of weight (in kg) to body height (in metres squared).

Previously, it was assumed that regular support for Breakfast when losing weight, and the absence of the morning meal food cravings, and weight gain is favored. The new study results could not confirm this assumption.

After evaluation of the data only took up Early on the day even more calories than Non-Breakfast. There are 260 calories on average, regardless of the individual’s eating habits. This was also on the scale: those Who skipped the first meal of the day, had on average a 0.44 kg lower weight. The effect was of normal weight and Overweight similar. There is no evidence left visible differences in the metabolic rates for Breakfast and Breakfast muffles prove.

However, the scientists caution that the studies were often of low quality. Therefore, the results with caution should be interpreted and by long-term studies to be substantiated. In addition, the first meal of the day can also have other benefits for the health and well-being, write to the doctors in the journal “British Medical Journal“.

A balanced Breakfast supplies the brain with energy for the day. “Who goes without food from the house, is in school and the office in General, less concentrated and less leistungsfähig“, Harald Seitz, nutritionists explained at the Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE). “Whole-grain bread, cut-up fruit or vegetables and dairy products provide fuel for the gray cells.“ An Alternative to sweet cereals, Porridge or a muesli with cereal flakes, nuts, fruits and yogurt. “Early piece of the muffle can take a glass of fruit juice, a Smoothie or a drink depending on the flavor, because the Liquid slips better. This is better than nichts“, Seitz advises. Source: British Medical Journal (BMJ), published Online (BMJ 2019;364:l42).