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Increase in domestic violence in times of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the necessary Isolation can lead to an increase in domestic violence, according to a recent study from the United States. Earlier figures from other countries had a similar increasing trend. The difficult Situation in many households is, therefore, in consideration of further steps to take into account urgently.

On the basis of the evaluation of the crime statistics in two American cities, the research team led by P. Jeffrey Brantingham of the University of California (UCLA) noted that the measures for the contact restriction are associated with an increase in domestic violence. The results of the data analysis have been published in the English journal “the Journal of Criminal Justice”.

What data was analyzed?

The researchers are prior evaluated for their investigation of incoming requests for assistance in cases of domestic violence to the police, and while the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the crime statistics were analysed in the two cities.

Significant increase in calls for help

In two cities (Los Angeles and Indianapolis), there was a statistically significant increase in calls for help due to domestic violence, which occurred after the entry into force of the so-called Stay-at-home-rules. The researchers assume that the number of the related request for assistance, the police will remain high, as the rules in force.

Ads related to domestic violence increased

“During the COVID-19-have increased pandemic, both in Los Angeles as well as in Indianapolis, the calls for the display of domestic violence to the police already, and we know that domestic violence is one of the crimes that are reported to the police at least,” says the study’s author, Professor Jeffrey Brantingham of the University of California in a press release.

Increase in other crimes?

In comparison, the number of reported robberies in Los Angeles has declined significantly, while it remained in Indianapolis is relatively constant. The break-ins have decreased in Los Angeles and Indianapolis easily. The number of Vehicle thefts in Los Angeles was moderately higher in Indianapolis, however, unchanged. The number of road checks declined in both cities, reported the researchers more.

The amount of crime has remained about the same

“Overall, these are perhaps less significant than the scale of the would be expected by COVID-19-induced disturbances to the social and economic life,” adds Professor Brantingham. The amount of crimes committed as a whole is situated approximately on the same level as before the crisis. The crime patterns could provide valuable insights about whether individuals and communities to comply with the measures in the field of public health.

If crime patterns remain despite the measures, overall, stable, this could indicate that more resources need to be expended for the enforcement of the rules, reported Professor Brantingham.

Will increase the domestic violence continue?

The researchers predict that after the analysis of police crime data, that the incidence of domestic Gewlat will gradually go back, when people return to their normal Routine. However, the domestic violence will presumably rise again, if there is a second wave of COVID-19, the new measures require. (as)