Clients Who Underwent Vampire Facials at New Mexico Spa Urged to Get Tested for HIV

New Mexico health officials are warning clients who got a vampire facial at an Albuquerque spa to get tested for HIV and hepatitis, after one person got an infection.

The New Mexico Department of Health immediately shut down VIP Spa after the client reported the infection. The NMDOH investigated the spa on Friday, and found that their injected treatments, including vampire facials, could spread blood-borne infections like HIV, and hepatitis B and C.

Vampire facials use the client’s own blood pulled and re-inserted with micro-needling to refresh the skin on their face.

“It is very important that anyone who received a vampire facial or other injection related service at the VIP Spa in May or June of 2018 come to the Midtown Public Health Office for free and confidential lab testing and counseling,” Lynn Gallagher, the NMDOH cabinet secretary, said in a statement.

NMDOH epidemiologist Dr. Michael Landen said they were alarmed by how VIP Spa stored, handled and disposed of needles.

“That’s concerning, because if needles aren’t handled appropriately, you could potentially increase the risk of a blood-borne infection,” Landen told KOAT News.

Luly Ruiz, the owner of VIP Spa, said that they only use disposable needles.

“I open them in front of my clients every time they come,” she told KOAT.

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Ruiz is working with NMDOH, and wants her clients to take advantage of the free testing.

“I want everybody to be sure, everybody to be happy and to know they don’t have anything,” she said.

PEOPLE has contacted VIP Spa for further comment.

Kim Kardashian famously underwent a vampire facial in 2013, but said the procedure was uncomfortable because she was pregnant with son North at the time, and could not get the usual numbing treatments beforehand.

“Before I got the procedure, I just found out that I was pregnant, so I couldn’t use numbing cream or a pain killer and both are suggested,” she said at the time. “It was really rough and painful for me.”

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