Chloë Grace Moretz Considered Breast Implants at 16 After Being Given a Push-Up Bra on Set

Chloë Grace Moretz almost went under the knife after dealing with body insecurities at age 16.

The actress, now 21, said that she considered getting breast implants as a teen after she was given a push-up bra with silicone inserts to wear while filming a movie. Moretz told the U.K.’s Sunday Times that seeing the bra — which was left in her trailer — brought up anxiety that her chest was too small.

“I was, like: where did these come from?” Moretz recalled. “Those little things were insidious. Even though you can brush them off, you still internalize them. They make you question yourself and think: well, maybe I am unhappy with the size of my breasts.”

Moretz — who started acting at age 7 — said that growing up in the film industry skewed her body image.

“I’ve had to look at Hollywood my whole life,” she said. ‘The people I’ve been comparing myself to are people who are not real.”

But her experience has helped Moretz figure out the kinds of roles she wants to play.

“I choose the roles that connect to me the most. I’m a very strong woman,” she said. “I couldn’t just be a girlfriend. Oh my god. Literally, no way.”

Moretz previously spoke out about an on-set body shaming experience from when she was 15. Moretz said an actor, whom she declined to name but said was in his mid-20s at the time, told her she was “too big” to ever date.

“This guy that was my love interest was like, ‘I’d never date you in real life,’ and I was like, ‘What?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, you’re too big for me’ — as in my size,” she told Variety. “It was one of the only actors that ever made me cry on set. It just makes you realize that there are some really bad people out there, and for some reason, he felt the need to say that to me.”

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