Cheese recall action in the case of PENNY: a sharp-edged foreign body will lead to injuries!

This cheese should not be consumed

The PENNY Markt GmbH warns currently your customers against foreign bodies, which are in an offered cheese. For reasons of preventive consumer protection, PENNY returns to the affected product.

It is the cheese “SAN FABIO Grana Padano (grated)” in the 150-gram package with the date of minimum durability 17. June 2019, and the EAN: 24218795. According to Penny, it cannot be excluded that in the product-small white plastic parts and/or wood splitter. Due to the risk of injury to the grated cheese should be consumed.

The cheese was already taken out of the sale

Like Penny, telling a customer information that was taken of the affected cheese from the sale. Customers who have purchased the cheese may return the product in the respective market and also get reimbursed without submission of a receipt of the purchase price.

Hazards foreign bodies in foods

Due to errors in the manufacturing process, the production of food to residues of metal, wood or plastic. Of these foreign bodies may vary depending on the shape, size and Material are run out of various health risks. When chewed, the foreign body can cause the mouth to wound or permanent damage to teeth. The foreign bodies are swallowed, they can block the breathing and coughing, difficulty in breathing or even shortness of breath. In the worst case, a is a risk of suffocation. Pointed or sharp-edged parts can cause internal injuries or in the body and inflammatory processes initiate. For more information, see the article: Swallowed small items: First aid in the case of dangerous foreign bodies in your body. (vb)

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