Blend of nine herbs could offer significant reductions in blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes can be a 'devastating diagnosis' says expert

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Dietary interventions are usually the greatest weapon you can add to your arsenal of protection against high blood sugar levels triggered by type 2 diabetes. However, new research suggests that a “natural” supplement could be quite potent at controlling blood glucose as well. 

Diabetes complications stem from impaired insulin production, which raises the spectre of dangerously high blood sugar levels. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to keep your blood glucose levels in check.

Fortunately, a study, published in Diabetes Metabolism Research and Reviews, suggests that a blend of nine herbs could do this with gusto.

The natural supplement in question is called Curalin and packs a mixture of nine ingredients designed to help balance your blood sugar profile.

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From bitter melon to turmeric and syzygium cumini to fenugreek, Curalin’s ingredients are traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine to treat diabetes.

Working in synergistic way, the blend promises to produce overall beneficial effects on blood sugar.

Dr Sarah Brewer, Medical Nutritionist, said: “As a result, users report that their glucose control quickly improves and, in some cases, normalises within four weeks. 

“Users also report reduced cravings for sweet food and experience improved energy, sleep and general quality of life.”

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Looking at 36 participants, the research instructed the volunteers divided into two groups to take either Curalin or placebo three times daily for 30 days.

The participants were also asked to take seven glucose measurements once a week, on the same day.

These measurements showed “statistically” significant decrease in blood sugar levels in the Curalin group.

Dr Brewer said: “Those taking Curalin showed significantly greater improvements in their HbA1c levels than those taking placebo. 

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“[They] also had an overall decrease in mean blood glucose levels at all time points of the day compared to placebo.”

Furthermore, the reduction from the natural supplement was nearly one percent HbA1c2 (or 11mmol/mol) in just one month.

According to two previous large-scale studies reported by, this reduction for patients with type 2 diabetes is enough to:

  • Reduce the risk of amputation or death due to peripheral vascular disease by 43 percent 
  • Cut the risk of microvascular complications (retinopathy, neuropathy and diabetic nephropathy – kidney disease) by 25 percent
  • Reduce the risk of cataracts by 19 percent
  • Reduce the risk of heart failure by 16 percent.

Despite the promising findings, the study reported some limitations, including a relatively small sample of participants and short duration period.

Before adding Curalin to your diabetes protocol, the expert recommended speaking to your doctor.

Dr Brewer said: “Curalin is 100 percent natural and is safe to use alongside any medications and treatments. 

“However, if you are taking any blood glucose lowering drugs it is important to talk to your doctor and to monitor your glucose levels as you may need to reduce the dose of your drugs as your blood sugars improve. 

“As with any supplement, it is always recommended to consult with a doctor before starting Curalin.”

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