Because he has no testicles: Doctors transplant man the testicles of his brother

On Tuesday, surgeons have taken in Belgrade, Serbia, in a rare intervention. They transplanted a man who had no testicles commented, the testicles of his twin brother. Only twice so far, a procedure of this kind has been made.

“The surgical procedure is to give the recipient a more stable level of testosterone, as injections can provide,” said Dr. Thick Ko, Professor in urology at the “Tufts University School of Medicine” in Boston. The goal is to make the genitals of the 36-year-old man of natural and pleasant, and to enable him to beget children. The &quot reported;New York Times".

A very rare and challenging surgery

The Absence of testicles is an extremely rare condition, but the medicine has a wide range of solutions for wounded soldiers, accident victims, cancer patients and those who want to undergo gender reassignment. The first two such transplants are already 40 years. Here, too, the testes of identical twins have been discounted to their brothers TRANS plan, which had no testicles.

The Operation had been a challenge, as it was required, two arteries and two veins, sewing together, are less than two millimeters wide. In addition, the intervention is associated with a certain time pressure. “Once you have removed the testicles of the donor, the clock is ticking very quickly,” explains Dr. Branko Bojovic. He and his colleague Dr.-Thick Co were both involved three years ago at the first Penis transplant in the United States.

The brothers it goes well

Obviously, the surgical team has done a good job. Because the Doctors told that it was the two brothers well. Until Friday, the brothers had returned to a normal testosterone Level. The donor already has children, should stay as fertile as in the past, even if one testicle was removed. But what about the receiver? Is entitled to the concern, his body could repel the testicles of his brother?

The doctors are confident. Finally, the two men have due to their affinity degree of the same genetic structure. For this reason, the recipient must take any immune-suppressing medication that will usually need the majority of patients who undergo Transplantation. The brothers still, this weekend should be fired.

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