Baking soda: How to get rid of bad breath and improve health with a baking soda mouthwash

Doctor shares seven tips to prevent bad breath

Baking soda has been claimed to improve people’s health, as well as to treat a number of common medical conditions. You could relieve your bad breath by using a baking soda mouthwash, it’s been revealed.

Baking soda, which is known as bicarbonate of soda in the UK, is commonly used in baking for cakes and treats.

Cleaning experts have also backed baking soda as a cheap alternative to expensive cleaning products.

But baking soda could also be used to improve your overall health, by relieving itchy skin, and even getting rid of mouth ulcers.

You could also benefit from using baking soda if you regularly develop bad breath.

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Bad breath – or halitosis, as it’s also known – is a very common condition that’s easily rectified.

It’s usually caused by a build-up of bacteria in the mouth, as well as some medications and eating certain foods.

You can kill excess bacteria in your mouth by using a homemade baking soda mouthwash.

All you need is a few teaspoons of baking soda to make your own mouthwash, although combining it with a baking soda toothpaste could help to get rid of bad breath for longer.

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“Studies have shown that baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, can effectively kill bacteria in the mouth,” said medical website Healthline.

“Research indicates that toothpastes containing high concentrations of baking soda effectively reduce bad breath.

“To make a baking soda mouthwash, add 2 teaspoons of baking soda to 1 cup of warm water.

“Swish the mouthwash around in your mouth for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out.”

The best way to prevent bad breath from developing is to make sure you regularly brush your teeth.

Gently brush your teeth and gums at least twice a day, for two minutes each time.

Make sure to also clean your tongue with a tongue scraper or cleaner at least once a day.

An antibacterial mouthwash or toothpaste may also help to avoid bad breath from coming back.

Bad breath may be caused by eating or drinking strong-smelling or spicy foods.

Gum disease or tooth infections could also be leading to halitosis.

You should speak to a dentist if you have and breath that won’t go away.

The bad breath may individuate a problem with your teeth that you won’t be able to see without the right dental equipment.

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