Baby born with a rare disorder becomes a model

‘There was no indication that there was anything wrong, throughout the entire pregnancy or the birth – his only problem seemed to be the acid reflux and he was a little small,’ said mum Lauren, a doctor’s assistant.

‘UK doctors have had to seek advice from specialists from all over as he’s so rare, we’re yet to meet anyone else in the world with his exact genetic condition but we know he’s the only one in the UK.

‘Eddison also can’t hold his own head up but as it’s so rare we’re really still unsure how his condition will affect him long term.

‘Despite all the constant worry as we don’t know what the future holds, he makes us so proud. I love seeing his little face on the designer’s website.’

As the condition is so rare, it’s not known how it will affect Eddison as he grows.

Lauren said she was particularly worried about his mental development. At first, the family weren’t sure what was wrong but noticed that Eddison didn’t gain weight as he should have, had acid reflux, and the soft spot on his head was low.

Lauren worries he may be bullied at school when he’s older, too.

For the time being though, the family are delighted to see Eddison’s modelling career take off.

‘I scroll past the adverts when I’m on a social media feed and my [other] son, Kenley, gets excited when he sees his brother pop up,’ added Lauren.

‘It gives us a lot of pride, it’s amazing he’s achieved all of this with everything going on.

‘All we want for Eddison is the most normal life possible.’

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