Amy Schumer's Boxing Training Is Helping Her to Recover from 'Excruciating Back and Hip Pain'

Amy Schumer is in recovery after dealing with a herniated disk and other back and hip problems.

The comedian and actress, 37, revealed on Sunday that she’s spent the last few months rebuilding her strength.

“About 7 months ago I was in excruciating back and hip pain,” Schumer wrote on Instagram. “From old volleyball and surfing injuries I have a herniated disc, a bulging disc and a labral tear in my hip.”

She went to a doctor to get an epidural to ease her pain, and started working with two different trainers to aide her recovery.

“These great people nursed me back to health and made me stronger than ever,” she said. “I want to thank [trainer Tim DiFrancesco] @tdathletesedge for pushing me to recovery beyond what I thought possible … [Steven Frank] @stevenfrankboxing had been my boxing trainer for 7 years.”

Schumer said that the two of them made it possible for her to feel better again.

“Tim, Steve and I have laughed and cried together (Ok Steve didn’t cry) when I had major breakthroughs doing things I thought I would never be able to do again,” she said.

The newlywed Schumer urged anyone who is dealing with chronic pain to push for a solution, and added that heath care should be available for all.

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“You don’t have to live with pain. Do the work to feel better. It’s worth it!” she said. “I know I’m lucky I have the time and money to heal. Everyone should be entitled to great care. Everyone. Period.”

Schumer constantly deals with body shaming on social media, but is actually highly active. Another one of her trainers, Harley Pasternak, previously said that she’s “naturally an athlete.”

“She played sports at a high-level through high school and college, and was an aerobics instructor,” he said. “So she’s very coordinated, and easy to push in the gym.”

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