ACT Health goes live with Miya Precision at two hospitals

Healthcare software solutions provider Alcidion announced that ACT Health, the public health agency of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), recently went live with Miya Precision at two campuses – Canberra Hospital and The University of Canberra Hospital.

Miya Precision is a health analytics tool powered by AI. The graphical dashboard will ensure clinicians are aware of the current patient and bed status, improving communication and visibility of patient flow across the health service to streamline the patient stay. Miya Precision leverages the capability FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) to overcome interoperability challenges, source relevant data and create clinical events.

This implementation complements the existing use of Alcidion’s Patientrack solution and is the first step in a five-year agreement. 

Alcidion is also currently working with ACT Health to deploy a COVID-19 flag on their Journey boards so they can immediately see where they may have patients that need isolated care and where the suspected cases may be. ACT had their third confirmed case of COVID-19 as of 18 March, according to a report by the Canberra Times.


According to Kate Quirke, Managing Director of Alcidion, the preparation time for each site’s go live will be different but the implementation phase will take six months on average. 

“The main activities are around integrating data into Miya Precision from all the underlying information sources and then configuring each of the dashboards to reflect the needs of the clinical teams,” she added.

“ACT Health is deployed via a hosted cloud environment so the requirement from the IT team was around network connectivity and integration. We had input from all clinical areas and the team that manages bed allocation and flow across the hospitals.”


Last November, Alcidion launched Miya MEMRe, a mobile Electronic Medical Record (EMR), which provides clinicians’ access to caseloads, critical issues and comprehensive patient records on the go, HealthcareITNews reported.

A team of 10 ED clinicians also trialed the use of mobile notifications of real-time pathology results and risk indicators, via Alcidion’s Miya Precision Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool at the Wagga Wagga Base Hospital in New South Wales in May 2019, according to a HealthcareITNews report. 


“The management of the patient’s journey through digital future ready technology is a core component of our Digital Health Strategy”, said ACT Health CIO, Mr Peter O’Halloran.

“This is a significant milestone in our longstanding and productive relationship with ACT Health. We are excited to continue our collaborative engagement to improve clinical workflows and patient outcomes, and Miya Precision will further this by providing ACT Health with access to real-time information that will directly contribute to improved patient care,” said Quirke. 

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