A child Prodigy in Portugal: brain-dead woman has healthy Baby

A since three months of brain-dead Portuguese has brought a healthy child into the world. The 26-Year-old had suffered in December of last year, an acute asthma attack and fell into a coma – and Doctors later declared brain dead.

At this time, the professional Kayak rider in the 16. Week pregnant. The family of the young woman decided to keep you alive artificially until the unborn child is viable, such as "Euronews" reported.

Actually, the Doctors wanted to 32 to to. Pregnancy week wait, but the state of the brain-dead worsened last Thursday abruptly. The doctors had to act and caught up with the boys via caesarean. A short time later, the 26-Year-old died.

Donated her organs

The young woman gave only her son, Salvador’s life – after her death, their organs were removed and donated.

The mother of the Portuguese said in an Interview: "At the time I thought, if this child comes to the world, we give him all our love. But there are mixed feelings about the overall situation: horror, love, hate are. I can beschreiben&quot hardly;.

Baby Salvador, weighs 1.7 kilograms, and must remain, for the next three weeks in the hospital.