8 Date Ideas For When You’re Sick of Dinner And A Movie

Much like listening to your fave song on repeat, going on the same date gets old pretty quick (looking at you, dinner/movie combo.) Here, via Reddit, we’ve rounded up 10 weekend activities that are anything but predictable.

1. An impromptu road trip

“A favourite unusual one was when a man woke me up at 3 or 4 in the morning and we set off on an impromptu road trip to a resort town to get breakfast. We watched the sunrise, ate eggs benedict, napped in the car, and we took me home. I’ll never forget that date. The surprise of it, the laughter as we fueled up with all the caffeine we could at rest stops, the soft conversation and smiles as we ate, the comfortable silence with sideways glances and locked eyes as we drove home.” [Via]

2. Spontaneous star-gazing

This guy and I laid down in the slides of a playground and just stared at the stars while listening to music. We didn’t talk at all and just enjoyed the sounds of night time and the static, low-quality audio of Regina Spektor. So simple but I remember it clearly.” [Via]

3. Bargain hunting

“My SO took me to this massive antique/ thrift store on our first date. It was a lot of fun to poke around and crack jokes about ridiculous things. For our three-month ‘anniversary’ he went back and bought a silly kids book we had read together. It was really sweet.” [Via]

4. An arcade game challenge

“There’s an arcade where I live. It is basically all children’s casino games. One of the most fun and sweet dates I went on was going there and seeing how many tickets we could win and picking out prizes.” [Via]

5. A BYO cooking class

“I’m a huge wine drinker and I had a guy take me to a wine shop that did a cooking class/wine tasting where you made meals together and paired them with different wines. I think we did 4 different foods with as many pours as we wanted. It was awesome.” [Via]

6. Collecting cool rocks

“I’ve never done this one but I would love to: you go to a beach with colourful rocks and you find ones that match each others eye colour – the best.” [Via]

7. Moonlit hiking

“I used to do this with friends! Our work schedules over summer breaks didn’t line up until midnight or so. We’d all pile into a car and head to an unpopular, secluded trailhead. Hike quietly by the moonlight filtering through the trees, strip down and swim in the creek, look at the stars, worry that every little noise was a predatory mammal or park ranger. It was such a carefree time in my life.” [Via]

8. A sexy scavenger hunt

“In Parks & Rec, Leslie makes a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt for Ben. I could see that working as a cute couples date.” [Via]

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