Middle aged women have BETTER sex than under 25s – here’s why

Millennials are having twice as much sex as older women but half as many orgasms, research reveals.

Younger ladies are also less likely to feel sexually satisfied in their relationships.

This may be because middle aged lasses ensure they have an “emotional connection” with their intimate partners.

A Lovehoney study quizzed 2,100 people about their sexual preferences.

It asked 18 to 70-year-old women how often they get jiggy, before establishing how satisfied they feel in the sack.

The poll found that 39% of women aged 18-25 bonk more than twice a week.

This figure is double that of the over 45 age group, although quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

While 63% of middle aged ladies always have an orgasm when they romp, just 36% of under 25s can say the same.

Given that women over the age of 45 are more likely to climax during sex, it’s no surprise they have higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

A sizeable 14% of these participants rated their levels of intimate happiness as 10/10.

Comparatively, 11% of under 25s awarded themselves with top marks.

Mature ladies said they enjoy sex more because they look for an emotional connection in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, almost half of millennial lasses say they get down and dirty as a confidence booster.

These findings have been released ahead of Sexual Happiness Day.

Lovehoney hopes publishing sexual satisfaction statistics will encourage Brits to make their pleasure a priority.

A spokesperson said: “It is great to see Millennials are having sex far more frequently than previous research has suggested.

“They are using sex positively to boost their levels of self-confidence and escape the stresses of modern life.

“However, they could certainly learn a trick or two from older people about increasing their levels of sexual satisfaction and orgasm frequency.

“The extremely high scores for sexual happiness in the over-45s show how experience can enhance stimulation and improve bedroom performance.”

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