Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott Gets Real About Miscarrying, Motherhood, and Breastfeeding

If you’ve heard of the country band Lady Antebellum, chances are you know Hillary Scott. In honor of Herbal Essence’s new campaign, “Pregnant Women Can”—which is working to combat some of the stigmas associated with moms-to-be and the things that they’re often told that they “can’t” do—we had the chance to catch up with the group’s lead to get her take on being a mom of three young girls, her experiences with pregnancy, and more.

On breastfeeding

Scott has a four-year-old daughter who she had a hard time breastfeeding, but has had a totally different experience with her four-month-old twins. “When I had my first daughter, I exclusively pumped for eight months and was really looking forward to trying again and nurse my twin girls with the help of a lactation consultant and a lot of determination,” she tells us. “[W]ith my [twin] girls, they were so little when they came home, it was a process of getting on a pumping schedule and then nursing again, but it was so worth it.”

Scott called the experience a “big commitment” and “so time-consuming,” but added that she’s thankful to have had more success the second time around.

Because she initially had a hard time breastfeeding, Scott understands that it’s not for everyone and says that she wishes every woman could embrace her own journey without judgment. “There might be some moms that nurse for six weeks or some that nurse for six months, but being their best selves for their children is the answer,” she says. “Whatever feels good to you is what you should do.”

On managing her time with three kids

“I think time management, for any mama, they would say is the hardest part,” she admits. “But the thing that I try remember is that my four and a half year old daughter Eisele will remember this phase, but my little girls will not. I think that has allowed me to really try to set time aside that’s really special for Eisele all the while giving my twin girls exactly what they need and when they need to eat and all that, but focusing on special moments with my oldest.”

On the “unpretty” side of motherhood

While motherhood is amazing and Scott treasures every minute, she admits the first two to three weeks can be particularly hard. “It’s when your milk is coming in, it’s when you’re healing or you’re starting to heal, you’re really exhausted and might not get a shower everyday,” she says.

On the difficult road to parenthood

One thing that Scott has been very open about is the miscarriage she suffered before getting pregnant with twins. “I think the biggest thing I had to journey through was it wasn’t my fault,” she says.

Opening up about her loss has helped the singer heal, she adds. “There’s healing that comes with connecting with someone over having a miscarriage or over losing a child or over anything that you find common ground on, you connect with people on a deeper level,” she tells us. “I’ve had some of the most unbelievable conversations with complete strangers, women in the grocery store or in the mall, and you just connect and you’re like, ‘I understand you’ and you feel understood.

I think that’s something that’s beautiful even in the midst of the pain.”

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