John Mayer Plays Guitar for Andy Cohen's Son Benjamin — and No, It Wasn't a Lullaby

Baby Benjamin, don't you come around here anymore?

On Tuesday, Andy Cohen shared an adorable photo of close friend John Mayer playing guitar for his 22-month-old son Benjamin Allen — and he captioned it with the perfect Grateful Dead reference.

"Twinkle Twinkle > Bertha," Cohen wrote, referring to the two's favorite band, which Mayer now plays with. In the photo, Mayer plays a light purple guitar while Ben watches his dad's friend strum.

The TV host, 52, and "New Light" musician, 43, have been friends for years and share their love of the "Friend of the Devil" band. In fact, they went on a road trip to see them perform back in 2015. (Bromance: confirmed!)

"John Mayer and I have what some would consider an unlikely friendship. He's one of our greatest living guitarists, and I'm regarded as the dude that stirs the s— on late-night TV," Cohen wrote in an article for Entertainment Weekly. "We do have one thing that bonds us: our love of the Grateful Dead. So when the band did five shows this summer — their last ever — we used their Santa Clara, California, gigs as an excuse to take a road trip and bro it up."

During their trip to the Bay Area, they even hit up a gay club to celebrate Pride Month.

"I took the dude who can make all the ladies’ panties drop to the Powerhouse (gay bars, FYI, always have v butch names)," Cohen wrote. "The vibe was jubilation mixed with intense body heat and plenty of disco (I explained Diana Ross to John). Did I mention a dude in a jockstrap assumed the role of our bodyguard? Anyway, John was the ultimate wingman, asking me who was tickling my fancy."

Fast-forward three years later and Mayer serenaded Cohen with a rendition of Ross' "It's My House" in his "own inimitable style."

"Best birthday ever," Cohen said following the performance before the two shared a kiss on the lips. (Cohen later clarified that, of course, the two are not dating. They're just good friends.)

"I have done nothing but learn that song in the last 48 hours," Mayer added. "I have ate, breathed and slept 'It's My House' … and I am now a fan of that song!"

Sharing a selfie of the two for Cohen's 50th birthday in 2018, Mayer wrote a heartfelt note to his longtime friend.

"Congratulations, I have no words. You've done it. Can't find em right now," he wrote. "They're all scattered in a flurry of love and memories OH HERE THEY COME – in conclusion, I love you, and you are such a special person that I'm sure you are known throughout the universe."

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