Jessica Alba Joined TikTok to Bond with Her Kids: 'I Wanted to Do Something They Were Into'

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The actress especially loves being able to come "to their level," which "is important for their confidence," she adds. "And not always just thinking that everything I like is what's right."

Alba admits it takes her a bit longer to nail the dance numbers, but she's constantly inspired by her girls. "They learn them in one second! For me it takes forever," she says.

"But it's really creative too. They're directors. They do the transitions and it's storytelling. I just think it's really fun," the Sin City actress explains.

As for Warren, Alba says he prefers to play virtual golf with his friends but she can usually rope him into learning a few new moves. "He'll go and play golf for two and a half hours," she says.

"When it gets on my nerves, he'll do a TikTok with me," Alba jokes.

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