‘GoT’ Star Sophie Turner Opens Up About Her Struggle With Depression

Every Game of Thrones fanatic knows her more as Sansa Stark than Sophie Turner. Despite being in the limelight for so many years, she has always preferred to keep her personal life a private affair but recently she broke that policy by going candid about her struggles related to mental health.

Like any other 17-year-old (her age at that time), Sophie was highly affected by the criticism that came her way in for her portrayal of Sansa in the most popular fantasy series ever. In her case, the instances of feeling depressed intensified to the level that she stopped seeing anyone for a while.

At that time, since social media was rising like anything and the show had become quite popular, Sophie also became a victim to the negativity that came in the form of body-shaming comments that were showered on her. Given the fact that she was still a teenager back then, she believed everything that was thrown at her. The whole thing made her extremely self-conscious about her appearance and acting skills.

Although Sophie was not severely depressed, she admits having thoughts about suicide which she describes as – some sort of weird fascination.

Over the years, the actress learned to appreciate herself along with taking medication and therapy which has helped her a lot to cope with the problem. During her struggle, Sophie was comforted by the support of her on-screen sister Masie Williams who happens to be her best friend in real life. About her relationship with fiance Joe Jonas, she feels thankful every day for his love and support that makes her realize her self-worth.

We are glad that Sophie has now found much relief in terms of mental well-being after learning to ignore the hatred that is an inevitable aspect of celebrity life. However, it’s sad that the famous HBO series has now come to an end and we are going to miss seeing her play this lovely character on screen.

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