Caterina Scorsone Opens Up About the Beauty of Parenthood: 'Nothing Is in Your Control Anymore'

Since becoming parents, Caterina Scorsone and Rob Giles have quickly adapted to a life full of joy, overwhelming love and wonder.

For PEOPLE’s Beautiful Issue, the 37-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star and her writer/musician husband open up about their beautiful family and how their daughters — 2-year-old Paloma “Pippa” Michaela and big sister Eliza, 6½ — changed their lives for the better.

“I think one thing that changes when you have kids is that nothing is in your control anymore,” Scorsone tells PEOPLE. “You have to roll with whatever is happening and there are people that are now in your life very intimately and in your space who have distinctly different personalities from you.”

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“You kind of have an opportunity to get to know them and see what they like and accommodate how they want to be in the world. All [while] trying to make it look awesome,” she adds. “So you kind of have to develop your sense of humor and just laugh at all of the places where you thought that you were protecting your ego because it’s done.”

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And while things can get messy, Scorsone and Giles are embracing all that parenthood offers.

“I think the strange thing about parenthood that you hear and it turns out to be true is that everything about them becomes beautiful,” Scorsone says. “So even when they’re having a tantrum or they’re insisting on doing something that you really don’t want them to do, you’ll be simultaneously like, ‘Why won’t you do the thing I need you to do?’ “

” ‘Don’t put my laptop in the tub,’ ” adds Giles, giving an example.

“At the same time, you’re like, ‘Oh, she’s so curious,’ ” says Scorsone. “They are going to be loved no matter what.”

The couple, who welcomed their younger daughter in November 2016, say the toddler is growing up right before their eyes and surprising them every day.

“Pippa signs a lot,” says Scorsone. “She understands everything that we’re saying to her, but her motor planning is a little bit delayed in her speech, but she has tons of signs. So just last night, she signed. For the first time she looked at Eliza and she went, ‘Sister, love sister.’ And Eliza was thrilled.”

“Eliza, the last thing she said before falling asleep last night was, ‘I love Pippa so much,’ and then that was it,” adds the actress. “It’s going to be wonderful to see them grow up together.”

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As life continues to throw Scorsone and her family curve balls, she and Giles are reminded every day that the blessings are endless.

“One of the things that I really value and appreciate about our family is that we try to come to the table of any interaction with each other with a sense of curiosity as opposed to, ‘This is how it’s supposed to be and this is what you should think and this is how you should behave,’ ” says Scorsone. “There’s kind of a, ‘Huh. Interesting. That’s not what I would have done, but I am curious about why you do it that way.’ “

She continues, “I think that sense of curiosity about each other has helped us to weather hard times and it adds a sense of adventure to, ‘I wonder what this is going to be? How are we going to react to this and how is the dynamic going to shift and change?’ “

“I think it’ll be beautiful to see who [Pippa and Eliza] unfold [into] and become, but they’re already pretty awesome,” the proud mother of two adds.

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