Study: Textured-Hair Consumers Outspend Straight-Haired Counterparts

Retailers continue to bolster selections of products for consumers with textured hair. According to research from NaturallyCurly’s 2018 TextureTrends report, that strategy should continue to boost hair-care category transactions, especially in the mass market which dominates sales. The just-released report finds that curly consumers spend more each year on hair products than any other texture type — an average of $247 versus an average of $139 for naturally straight-hair consumers. The study finds that textured hair consumers are product junkies with more than half of them buying hair products at least once a month. More than one-third of curly and coily consumers purchase hair products at least twice a month.

The results suggest retailers continue to zero in on the textured-hair shopper, said Michelle Breyer, co-founder of TextureMedia. “From a pure economic perspective — her willingness to try new brands, her constant hunt for new products, the amount she’s willing to spend on individual products and her total annual spend — this consumer should be front and center. Any brand or retailer who isn’t making texture a priority when it comes to their hair-care strategy is missing the boat.”

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