Beard care: Beauty fr Men

Moustache, Chinstrap, Henri Quatre, and co: There are many Möways to wear a Beard. The choice of the facial hairstyle should be well übe considerate. How different forms of work, whoever you are

Small Bart customer: This Beard around the mouth heißt Jätanning or Henri Quatre after Köking Henry IV

Michael Toman is asking the customers to the hairdresser chairs made of coarse leather. Prüfend he considered his dense beard from all sides. He should be put in the Form, and Toman, owner of a Barber­shops in MüMunich, weiß already, in what.

Since the age of 13, he cuts in his Shop Bärte. He has many regular customers – since he was in 2016, a German hairdresser master, even more. It is a persöpersonal Geschäft, he says. "There are not many professions where you have a ‚mein‘ in front of it. My doctor, my lawyer. My Barber. At some point weißt you almost everything üabout your customer."

A good Barber berät also

He throws to the Lord in front of a black cloak über, and stuck him in a towel in the back of the neck. Then he provides a Trimmer, comb and scissors and gets to work. To its customers zämiss a lot of Vollbartträger, just jün­gere. You can trust Tomans experience: "I advise my clients and say if a Beard fits to a type, or face."

Beard is not the same beard In his respective Form of the face is connected hairstyle with a message. For a B&auml are;the rte is an expression of Maskulinität. According to the social psychologist Professor Julian Oldmeadow from the Universität Melbourne Bärte today also so common because there are fewer and fewer areas, "where Mämen pure mämale be können".

Already since ancient times, a theme

Occasionally, the symbolism also tilts Negative: "Many people take a Bartträger than someone true to the einschücompressors or scare you want." For thousands of years M&auml have;men of the beard hair can grow. A röpremix proverb that says: "Barba decet virum – the Beard makes the man."

But already in the ­Ancient times, it was ­be aware that the facial jewelry is also not über­must interpret. The Greek writer Plutarch: &quot warned;Barba non facit philosophum – the Beard does not make a Philo­sophen."

Für the fashionable Beard today, there is really only one rule: well-Groomed, he must be. Barber, Michael Toman weiß, the regelmäßowned Piece is worth: "The läViking and zauseliger the Beard, the äolder it looks.

Beard shapes

Full beard
Für the trend, Bart: to the top to grow and strong contouring. Depending on the cut on his chin, he can stretch the face visually. Completely cover Verde, he should be the neck, the lässt many Träger äolder appearance. The beard needs a lot of care, the läViking it grow lässt.

Three-day beard
He lässt the face rounder and softer, and is a good für square faces. Caution: The three-day beard is nothing für bathroom muffle – but very maintenance intensive. The stubble is too long, he quickly acts unkempt. It is important that the contours of the cheeks and on the neck exactly auszurasieren. The Verläextension, the Sechs­days beard, fit to gaunt Mämen with long face, so you don’t look bony. He stressed rather hard facial contours, the soft sides.

A narrow chin beard without a Moustache, on the contour lines beschränkt. Very care-intensive. Can make angular faces softer. With a broad line below the chin, the narrow Chinstrap to Schifferfr&auml is;se – celebrities Träger, Abraham Lincoln or Richard Wagner. Today, the Chinstrap is more of a Beard with ­Exotic status; in the modern version, it is with ­a Moustache combined. Advantage: can hide a double chin.

Goat’s beard
A goat’s beard or Goatee is a beard a chin. It is available in different shapes and Längen. It was in the 90s, extremely popular today, rather along with a moustache. Since he will be the face visually in the Länge draws, is he a ausgepräoblique chin or lämore accessible ­­Face shape is not a good idea. Must also be meticulously maintained.

Sideburns or side – beard
Visually "verbindet" he on both sides of the head with the beard hair and lässt ­the face of this länger act. Not only ­Elvis Fans popular – currently, these B&auml be;rte, worn rather short.

Henri Quatre
Unlike the goat’s beard of Henri Quatre, or Jätanning is a Around-the-mouth beard. He emphasizes the mouth and lässt contours appear smoother, especially Mämen with fläorgone and more angular faces. Named after Köking Henry IV, he is today in "Hollywood Royals" popular. So he’s not the Märchenkönig Ludwig II. reminiscent of, should be worn in the hair at the jaw rather short.

The Moustache is a classic that is experiencing a Revival. He must ­intensively cultivated, and every two days and re-cut. Man also can wear it in different variants, also läViking with a beard of cum twirled. Looks from elegant to edgy in an extravagant way.

Art with soap and knife

After Trimming, it goes to the fine work: the contour lines. Before it all disappears under the foam, üMichael Toman considerate of where they are: "You müshot to the face and beard shape to fit." With the razor he prefers to narrow the aisles in the foam. In short, quick Zügene, in the correct angle. At the end a few splashes of Aftershave – the disinfected and refreshed. After half an hour, the Beard is back in Form and the customer, visually verjüngt, satisfied.

That man Beard and a lot of trägt, schlägt also in the variety of special care products: beard shampoos, Spülungs, the Bartöl, the beard of cum up to lotions against ingrown beard hair.

The pharmacist recommended beard care

The MüMunich pharmacist Yvette Mittermeier-Schmitt recommends a skin neutral Shampoo, without preservatives or dyes. Klettenwurzelöl can also irritation to your skin alleviate. In certain Abstäman should be a Kurspülung use. "The treatment nourishes the hair ends particularly well." Also calm down according to the Trim and contour the irri­­­tations­extenuating creams, häoften thermal water base and with calcium.

Schließlich man can, a non-fat Hautöl apply the Beard soft and kämmbar hält. Bewährt have Öle with Argan oil and amaranth, as well as Abyssinianöl. Da Bärte always Geruchsträger, you should &Ouml the;l suitable for the type wämiss. With a beard of cum schließlich läthe Beard sst easy to form and twirl.

Generally speaking, d&uuml: The;men and strähniger Grew up, the more likely a man should &uuml be;superior, whether he üin General, a Beard l&auml are;sst. Because Bärte’s attention. And also falling on the dücan. In the worst case, it will be a view of Nothing.

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