Stop Smoking is worth it later in life

For years, the number of young smokers is falling, an encouraging development. But at the same time, there are more and more older people who remain at the cigarette hanging: In the case of men the proportion of smokers has grown in the age group of 55 – to 74-Year-olds between 2009 and 2017 by almost nine per cent to almost a quarter, in the case of women by almost 80 percent to 18.3 percent.

The reason for the increase in older smokers, the demographic development is simple: “The increase in Smoking proportions in the higher age groups is due largely to the fact that the smokers of the middle to higher age groups move,” says Ute Mons, head of the unit cancer prevention in the German cancer research center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. Because the age of someone New begins to barely smoke. The high increase in the number of women lies in the fact that prior to the 1960s, 1970s, women have used only very rarely for Fags, explains Mons.

Lung cancer risk halved after 10 years

Sometimes smokers think in the ’50s or’ 60s, it was worth now anyway no matter and to Stop. But that is a delusion, says Mons. Alone shortness of breath, cough, and poor Performance improved after just a few days to a few weeks. And also, the risks for long-term health consequence of damages could be significantly reduced.

Because even in the case of serious diseases, it does not take long until the positive effects to show, so Mons: “Banished to a 60-Year-old, the Tilting of his life, is his stroke – and the risk of a heart attack within five to ten years is significantly lower.” After 20 years, his risk, such heart is the same-to get the disease, the non-smoker’s. Also in relation to cancer late abstinence help: 10 to 20 years after the last Cigarette decreases the risk of cancer significantly, explains the health scientist, the risk of lung cancer in half within 10 years.

The lung specialist Robert Loddenkemper is also of the view that Cease to be worthwhile even at an advanced age: “It is never too late to stop.” Measurements of exhaled shock had already shown in 1977, that abstinence itself may hesitate at the age of 65 years to death and disability for about five years. In the case of a stop Smoking at the age of 45, the delay is approximately ten years.

Strong narcotic drugs – psychological dependence

Also of cardiological side of the parting from the Smoke is, according to experts, is advisable. A stop Smoking after Bypass operations, which are usually carried out on older patients, extend life expectancy by three years, says Helmut Gohlke by the Board of the German heart Foundation. “The effect of stopping is greater than that of the intervention.”

Since nicotine is a very strong narcotic, the Stop long-term smokers is very difficult. A withdrawal is associated with irritability, sweating and poor sleep – symptoms, but survived after one to two weeks, says Mons.

Problem Tobacco Advertising

More problems do, however, is the psychological dependence. Smoking is associated with certain everyday situations, such as the cigarette with coffee, or while Waiting for the Bus, so that equipment is constantly in seduction. Apples or chewing gum as a replacement could help. Mons advises weaning rates. Their providers and practitioners need to integrate, but better.

The waiver of the Cigarette will not be made after the Conviction of Mons, the smokers in this country easily. “Germany is the only country in the EU, in the cinema and outdoor advertising, as well as the dispensing of cigarettes at Events are allowed.”

The most promising way to reduce the Smoke or to prevent, leading to their Conviction about the budget. The charge for consumers would have to be after the last significant increase in tobacco tax 2005 – again painful. At that time, the smoke number was significantly reduced, and young people are even begin don’t come to ideas. Mons is calling for a further significant price increase of: “A tax increase from ten percent to a consumption decrease of five percent.”